Permitting, Consenting and Compliance


Our permitting, consenting and compliance services ensure our clients approach their projects armed with relevant advice, guidance and support throughout the project timeline.

MarineSpace specialises in providing its clients with advice on obtaining and maintaining the necessary permits and consents required to operate their development project. With extensive experience of leading our clients through applications for Marine Licences and Development Consent Orders, as well as subsequent consent compliance work, our staff can provide definitive advice on the best approach to gaining and managing their permits and consents to operate. Typical permitting and consenting services to clients include:

Drafting and submission of new permit / consent applications to key regulatory bodies (MMO, NRW, Marine Scotland)
Development of supporting environmental reports required to accompany consent applications
Lead on all consultation and advertising requirements
Technical support on all consultation responses and queries
Review of draft consent conditions ahead of finalisation of consent with regulatory bodies
Consent compliance services, including ensuring that all key conditions are adhered to in the pre, during and post-operational phases
Typical compliance work includes:
Delivery of key documents (installation plans, environmental monitoring plans, decommissioning plans)
Development of monitoring programmes and plans (including survey specifications)
Ongoing liaison with regulatory bodies

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