R & D


In addition to the services we provide to the marine renewable energy industry, Mojo Maritime has developed a range of products geared towards reducing the inherent risks and costs of working offshore.


The HF4 is a state-of-the-art, high performance, dynamic positioning vessel capable of operating in extreme environments. The HF4 greatly increases operational windows thereby decreasing project costs. She has been developed through a series of patented concepts which address the installation and through-life design challenges inherent to offshore projects.

General Information

Rapid Dynamic Positioning – Capable of positioning dynamically (DP) in up to 10kts (5.14m/s) of current. Capable of infield thrust in DP mode.
Exceptional manoeuvrability – Symmetric hullform efficient in all directions.
Flexible, modular design – Versatile vessel suitable for a range of offshore services.
Low operating costs – Increased operational window & optimised manning philosophy decreases costs.
Fuel efficient – Optimised hullform results in high fuel efficiency.
Large deck space – Catamaran configuration increases deck space for offshore operations.
Environmentally friendly – Reduced noise & flow speed around Voith Schneider Propellers decreases environmental impact.

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Richard Argall