Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA)

Equipment Type: HPC clusters

NCEO offers access to data, alongside massive storage, processing and analysis capabilities, through the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) on the JASMIN computing infrastructure.

JASMIN hosts a range of activities, including the Climate and Environmental Monitoring from Space (CEMS) facility, to support the analysis requirements of the UK and European climate and environmental science community.

The CEDA Earth Observation data archive is the largest in the UK, with over a Petabyte of satellite data and related data products. It contains over two decades’ worth of satellite data from a range of satellite missions, whilst the data from the NERC ARSF aircraft campaigns extends back to 1982. It is the UK academic data hub for ESA’s Sentinel missions, with responsibility for storing data and providing access to it for the science community.

CEMS is run in collaboration with the Satellite Applications Catapult at Harwell to support scientists and industry working together to promote commercial exploitation of EO data. It offers access to collaborative workspaces, hosted processing, high performance computing, and a cloud computing environment that NERC scientists can access remotely.

There are user guides on the CEDA-CEMS website – please click on the CEDA link to find these. You can also download this ‘new user experience’ to using JASMIN, written by an NCEO postgraduate student.

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