NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service (NEODAAS)

Equipment Type: NERC Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Analysis Service

NEODAAS is a 24-hour / 7-day per week satellite data reception and processing facility based at the University of Dundee Satellite Receiving Station and Plymouth Marine Laboratory Remote Sensing Group.

It provides near-real-time and archive data processing for UK research scientists anywhere worldwide. Near-real-time satellite data, derived within minutes of reception, are used to guide marine research cruises and aircraft campaigns to the most scientifically valuable locations.

NEODAAS receives direct-broadcast data from a wide range of polar-orbiting missions, and has long-term archives of AVHRR, CZCS, MODIS, SeaWiFS and VIIRS data.

The facility has global coverage for geostationary satellites and automatically archives all received data, making it available for view over the web. There are about 7,000 new user registrations and 4.5 million image downloads per year.

NEODAAS downloads global data directly from space agencies and produces time-series of ‘standard’ environmental metrics such as ocean colour and sea-surface temperature, but also bespoke scientific products tailored to individual users.

The NEODAAS data portal provides options for data visualisation and can give advice and guidance on how best to interpret EO datasets.

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