Autonomous underwater vehicles

Equipment Type: Autonomous Underwater vehicles

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are robot submarines, which are used to explore the world’s oceans without a pilot, or any tether. Before launch from the research ship, the AUV’s computers are programmed with instructions of where to go, what to measure, and what depths to go to. With no link to the mother ship, all communications with the AUV are limited to using acoustics (sound) when the AUV is underwater (this typically has a range of a few km) or satellite communications (such as Iridium) can be used when the AUV is floating on the sea surface.

Autosub3 - depth rated to 1,600m, range 400 km

Autosub6000 - depth rated to 6,000m, range 250 km

Autosub Long Range - depth rated to 6,000 m, range 6,000 km

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Maaten Furlong
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Autosub3 - displacement 3.6 tonnes, Autosub6000 - 1,500 kg dry weight, Autosub Long Range, displacement 650 kg
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