Calibration Laboratory

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Temperature, Conductivity and Pressure are the three main calibration parameters that we offer a calibration service for, and within these parameters we are able to offer either a full calibration, a function check or a tailored calibration to suit particular individual requirements.

Our remit within the National Marine Facilities Sea Systems - Calibration Laboratory is to support the national marine facility cruise program, by providing timely calibration of instrumentation. We provide both pre and post cruise calibrations, helping to ensure the end user always receives the best quality data possible. Our services include the processing of salinity samples, using our range of salinometers, are used throughout the NOC and are also available commercially.

Commonly calibrated instruments

Aanderaa RCM 7 Aanderaa RCM 8 Aanderaa RCM 11

FSI OTM FSI OCM Idronaut 304

RBR TR-1050 RBR XR-420 CTD RBR TDR-2050

SBE 35 SBE 37 SBE 38

Calibration Baths

Within the NMFSS Calibration Laboratory we have a wide range of calibration bath's which are used for both Temperature and Conductivity calibrations.

Our largest Calibration Baths are our two Hart Scientific 7051A Salt Water Bath's, which have large 200 L titanium tanks and are filled with seawater. A key feature of the 7051A is the rapid cooling or heating setting which can cool or heat the water in the tank by over 10 degrees Celsius per hour, as well as the ability to be fully computer controlled.

In addition to the Hart Bath, we have an older Guildline Calibration Bath, with smaller tank which are used for smaller instruments. Complementing our temperature controlled calibration bath's we also have six portable tanks which are filled with different salinity values ranging from 10 PSU up to 40 PSU. Typically, these tanks are used for conductivity calibrations.

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