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MYRTLE X is the National Oceanography Centre’s long-term deployment, deep-ocean instrument platform.

On the back of successful four-year deployments of previous MYRTLE platforms in the Southern Ocean, MYRTLE X is designed to be deployed for up to ten years. Sensors on the platform measure bottom pressure, temperature, salinity etc.

These data are recorded and stored locally while also being stored in twelve data capsules using a unique infrared transmission system. Each data capsule can be individually released either from a ship or on a timed release. The capsule is then designed to surface and transmit its data back using Iridum satellite systems.

The main unit also contains acoustic telemetry, which can be used to control the release of the capsules, obtain updates on battery conditions and ultimately provide another method to recover the data. At the end of the deployment period, the main unit, which will also contain a full dataset, can be recovered from the seabed.

The system contains some new and innovative design features both in the telemetry, including infrared, acoustic and satellite, and in the mechanical aspects of holding and releasing the capsules.

MYRTLE X is currently undergoing development and testing with a view to producing a full operational system for deployment in the future.

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