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Developing new instruments and sensors is an important part of our work. We cannot yet buy instruments that will measure everything that interests scientists, and if research is being held back through lack of this capability, we will work with them to create new instruments. The main gaps these days are in instruments that can be left for long periods in the sea to measure chemicaland biological variables. By bringing together many new technologies, working in collaboration with others, the Centre for Marine Microsystems, based at NOC’s Southampton site, is at the forefront of innovation in designing, creating and using novel sensors and instruments.

Examples of NOC sensors include:

Alkalinity sensor


Three-axis acoustic Doppler velocity profiler

Chemical dissolved organic nitrogen sensor

Dissolved inorganic carbon sensor

Dissolved silica sensor

Microfluidic pH sensor

Iron sensor

Nitrate sensor

Nucleic acid amplification sensor

Temperature and conductivity sensor

Metal-free CTD rosette

Metal-free sampling

Stainless steel CTD rosette

Stainless steel sampling


Dissolved oxygen sensors

Current meters


PENGUIN 2012 Submersible MUX - Ti 1000m (Seasoar)

Rolls Royce LOPC-660 Laser Optical Plankton Counter - Al 660m (Seasoar)

XSens MTI-300-AHRS Attitude And Heading MRU (PENGUIN 2012)

Scan fish

Vertical micro-structure profiler (VMP)

Argos beacon

Satellite beacon



Stand-alone pump

Sediment traps

SBE37SMP Microcat

Seabird SBE 35 Deep Ocean Standards Thermometer - Al 6,800m

WET Labs C-Star DR 650nm 25cm Transmissometer - Al 6,000m (CTD)

WET Labs ECO BBrtd 650nm Backscatter Meter - 6,000m (CTD)



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