Test tanks

Equipment Type: Test tanks

NOC has several marine test facilities at Southampton for internal use and also available for hire. The Pressure Testing Facility has two high pressure test tanks that can be used to test marine equipment, while the immersion tank has a variety of uses.


Pressure Test Tank PV1

~ 952.5mm diameter x 1206.6mm deep
PC controlled with hard copy on line reports available.
Working Pressure up to 680 bar.
The main lid has three entry/exit ports for monitoring equipment during the tests.

Pressure test Tank PV2

~ 304.8mm diameter x 889mm deep
manual system
~ Working Pressure up to 680 bar.
The lid has a single entry/exit port.

Immersion Tank

We have a 5m x 4m x 4m water depth test tank. A crane allows large items of equipment to be easily handled into and out of the tank. Windows in the sides of the tank allow for inspection of submerged items. Facilities exist for acoustic measurements, eg circle diagram plotting for transducers.

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Kevin Saw
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Available for use/hire by external contacts