Biogeochemical models

Research Area: Biogeochemical models

The aim of the Biogeochemical Modelling group within MSM is to build and to use marine ecosystem models as a means of understanding and predicting the role and importance of living systems in the ocean. Much of our work involves the use of 3D general circulation models (GCMs) that provide a realistic representation of ocean physics in which our simplified “virtual ecologies” can exist and evolve. Our main aim is to establish how marine ecosystems are influenced by their physical environment and, through this, to try to forecast how they might change in the future because of global-scale processes such as climate change and ocean acidification. Associated aims include establishing the sizes and sources of errors in our predictions, making direct use of observational data to evaluate the accuracy of our simulations, and continuing to develop our ecosystem models so that they include our best understanding of real living organisms in the ocean.

Contact Name: 
Andrew Yool, Katya Popova, Bablu Sinha