Marine systems modelling

Research Area: Marine systems modelling

Marine Systems Modelling

The Marine Systems Modelling (MSM) group are world-leaders in numerical modelling of the global oceans and shelf seas. This includes modelling the ocean circulation and heat transport, marine ecosystems, sea-ice, turbulence, surface waves, sediment transport, tides and storm surges.

Our overall aims are to ensure that these models provide excellent descriptions of the current state of our oceans and shelf seas and, through development of these models, to enhance our capability to predict, understand and adapt to changes which may affect the UK and its citizens in the future.

These aims are being achieved through close partnerships with the UK Met Office, Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) partners, other NERC centres, and key University groups, and require focuses on model development, experiment design, and evaluation and interpretation of the model results through comparisons with direct observations of the ocean.

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Adrian New, Jason Holt