Underwater acoustic metrology training: Calibration and testing of hydrophones and transducers

Underwater acoustic metrology training: Calibration and testing of hydrophones and transducers

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Training courses in underwater acoustic calibration and measurement

This course provides practical experience of calibration and testing in state-of-the-art facilities. Those attending the courses are able to witness a variety of calibration and measurement techniques applied to underwater electroacoustic transducers. In addition, there are lectures of a range of specific topics delivered by expert NPL staff, and course notes and scientific reports are provided on the topics covered.

An example course syllabus is provided. The course is designed to fit the requirements of specific customers, so the source content can be tailored according to customer needs. The individual course modules can each last up to half a day (depending on depth of material covered, and previous experience of course attendee). The modules can cover some, or all, of the following topics:

Calibrations of hydrophones by free-field comparison method
Calibration of hydrophones by free-field reciprocity method
Measurement of transducer electrical impedance
Measurement of transducer directional response
Sources of uncertainty in free-field hydrophone calibration
Measurements and calibrations using an open-water facility
Transducer characterisation at simulated ocean conditions
Techniques for in-situ measurements in the ocean including measurement of noise
Low frequency hydrophone calibration techniques
Introduction to near-field measurement techniques using Fourier methods

The price for the above NPL training course on Underwater Acoustic Calibration is £1,550 per day for a single person. Up to four people can attend simultaneously at an extra cost of £155 per day per extra person.

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