Underwater Acoustics Transducer Services

Underwater Acoustics Transducer Services

In underwater acoustics, accurate measurements are the key to successful product development and high-quality test services. The worldwide adoption of ISO 9000 means that users will increasingly demand that measurements have traceability to internationally- recognised standards. Let NPL's calibration services provide you with that essential traceability.

NPL's Underwater Acoustics Services set the Standard

NPL operates unique underwater acoustics facilities. Using one or more of the open-tank facility, air-pistonphone, Acoustic Pressure Vessel or Wraysbury open-water facility, we will be able to provide a complete characterisation of your transducers and sonar systems under a variety of conditions.

Customised Measurements

NPL provides customised acoustic measurements to satisfy a range of requirements in research and development, manufacturing, and calibration and testing, for example:

Characterisation of high-frequency sonars, including nearfield measurements by hydrophone scanning or optical vibrometry
Testing of experimental transducers during the early stages of development
In the medical field, compliance testing to medical device output standards

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