Design, fabrication and supply of specialist measurement/test equipment

We are able to design, build and validate bespoke instruments for your specific measurement application, whether it be related to ultrasound power measurement, or the commissioning of scanning systems employing miniature hydrophones to determine the key acoustic output properties of your acoustic beams to desired international specification standards.

Additionally, NPL has developed several ultrasound-related products and these are either available directly from NPL or may be obtained from our ultrasound partner organisation, Precision Acoustics Limited. These specific products, relate to:

A radiation force balance for measuring ultrasound power at physiotherapy and diagnostic levels
A continuous-wave checksource for delivering accurate powers
A power meter for measuring ultrasound power at physiotherapy levels
Sets of apertures for use in conjunction with radiation force balances for determining the Effective Radiating Area of physiotherapy ultrasound treatment heads
A range of specially developed acoustic materials for application as tank wall linings of radiation force balance targets

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Mark Hodnett