Marine hydrodynamics

Research Area: Marine hydrodynamics

The School of Marine Science and Technology has always been a leading research institution in the area of Naval Architecture, Marine Hydrodynamics and Structures.

The major driver of MHS research is the design, analysis and safety of energy efficient and environmentally friendly ships and other marine structures.

We are dedicated to improving our understanding of various flow phenomena that govern complex behaviours of ships/marine structures, the fluid-structure interaction, and of the progressive collapse of intact and damaged marine structures.

These aspects are addressed using a diverse range of theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches. Our experimental facilities include a towing tank, a cavitation tunnel and the unique wind-wave and current tank.
Our research topics:

condition monitoring marine and offshore structures
structure development for marine and offshore energy converters
data processing for interpreting various types of signals
epoxy-based filler coating failures
mega-yacht filler cracking
non-linear structural analysis
accidental loads on ships and offshore structures
impact engineering for marine structures
non-linear wave-body interaction
ship design, optimisation and software modelling
multiphase flow and heat transfer in subsea pipeline
hydraulic modelling
simulation of real-world operating conditions
in-service seakeeping prediction
bioinspired underwater robots
ultimate strength
yacht design

Contact Name: 
Alan Murphy, Simon Benson, Hu Zhiqiang, Maryam Haroutunian