Research Area: Biochemistry

Prof Frithjof Kuepper's. group focuses on the biochemistry and biodiversity of marine plants and microbes, especially in the context of pathologies, defence and stress.

We are particularly interested in oomycete pathogens and the metabolism of iodine and bromine in seaweeds, using an array of microbiological, biochemical, physical and molecular techniques.

For our studies on algal biodiversity and biogeography, we chiefly work in the Eastern Mediterranean (in particular, Greece and Cyprus), the Canadian Arctic and the South Atlantic (Falkland Islands and Ascension). Our work on this front includes scientific diving, algal culturing, and molecular biology.

The group has strong collaborative links to marine scientists in Roscoff, Greece, California and the Falkland Islands.

Contact Name: 
Frithjof Kuepper, Dawn Shewring, Alex Mystikou, Anni Makela, Iosif Makris, Kyle Fletcher, Paraskevi Louizidou