Environmental Monitoring


Monitor the environment and share weather, tidal and other data easily and efficiently

Whatever your need and whatever the stage of your project, if it involves capturing, managing, sharing and publishing environmental data, we can help.

At OceanWise, we help you maximise the value from your investment in monitoring. We make sure it is not only fit for purpose, ensuring safe and efficient operations, but also enable you to share data, publicly or with specific groups of users, in applications for design, engineering, construction, forecasting, planning and to support many other types of decision-making.

We have a track record in delivering robust and cost effective solutions to:

Ports, Harbours and Coastal Authorities – to support vessel traffic management, pilotage and other maritime operations, security and emergency planning and response, or to share data with the wider community.

Oil & Gas, Coal and Renewable Energy Operators – to enable safe operation of offshore wind farms, oil & gas platforms, pipelines and terminals, and many other types of installation.

Construction and Engineering Projects – to provide real time dynamic monitoring and positioning information during survey, dredging and piling operations, shoreline replenishment and seabed or coastal developments.

Recreation and Leisure Organisations – to deliver real-time weather monitoring at cruise terminals, recreational facilities, and during yacht racing and other water sports.

Don’t just monitor it, manage it!

Your monitoring system should do more than just collect data – it should be a management tool. Just monitoring and measuring is not enough. You also need to:

Be able to quickly assess and visualise situations and make the right decisions
Be 100% sure that data is always accurate and available to those who need it, when they need it
Ensure your system is resilient, reliable and responsive

Don’t let poor data management put your operations at risk!

OceanWise Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing capability delivers:

Optimised and robust solutions from the simplest to the most complex monitoring needs

Easy and inexpensive visualisation and sharing of real-time data from multiple sensors

Secure and straightforward archiving and storage of all types of marine and environmental data

Data accuracy, integrity and reliability, combined with system status monitoring and alerts

Whether you are a port, renewable energy, oil and gas, or other facility, or you are responsible for managing, surveying or monitoring coastal or marine resources, immediate and reliable access to accurate weather, water level and other environmental data has never been more important.

If you are looking for advice on the best way to capture weather, tide or water quality data, or you require a complete monitoring system to support your operational or business needs, go to our Design and Installation page.

If you have existing sensors and want to improve the way you collect, manage and share that data, or integrate that data with other data and systems, such as within an enterprise Spatial Data Infrastructure (eSDI), then go to our Data Sharing and Publishing page..

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