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At OceanWise, we apply our technical knowledge and experience to provide training, consultancy, mentoring and advice to help you develop your understanding and improve your skillsets. We are the experts in Marine Data Management and run a range of courses on this subject and the Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI). We are also experts in using Cadcorp GIS for marine – and are licensed to provide all levels of training and support for the Cadcorp GIS software. We also provide training on our own range of products such as Port-Log and Maritime Toolbar.

Over the last six years we have trained over 1,000 professionals, from all over the world. We consistently achieve very high satisfaction rates and are continuously looking for ways to improve our training to give our students the best possible insights and practical advice that they can take home and apply to their own organisation.

What courses do we offer?

Introduction to Data Management (Marine)
Data Management and Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) OR “Capacity Building” Courses
Cadcorp GIS (Technical Training)
OceanWise Product Training
Free Workshops on Marine Data Management and GIS

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