Consultancy Services

Peter Barham is a sustainable development consultant who specialises in a wide range of activities in the marine, coastal and freshwater environment. His expertise includes the development and management of

Flood risk management strategies
Environmental approvals for new port developments
Maintenance and capital dredging work
Research management
Developing innovative approaches for new regulation
Port environmental management systems

Whenever work is needed in the marine environment, whether it be dredging or a full scale port development, the environmental regulations and approvals required can seem very complex and often solutions are not straight forward. Peter Barham Environment Ltd has considerable experience in working with conservation bodies, regulators and
developers to obtain approvals which allow development to go ahead which meet and raise conservation standards. Doing this can involve many people from different organisations and Peter Barham Environment Ltd specialises in managing the process of obtaining environmental approvals for any project regardless of size.

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Peter Barham