Planet Ocean Ltd

Located in central southern England, Planet Ocean Ltd specialises in the provision of high quality, marine scientific instruments for research, survey and operations support.

Planet Ocean represents some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of oceanographic, hydrographic & meteorological equipment.

We are also engaged in the design and manufacture of our own range of instrumentation, and bespoke environmental monitoring systems particularly databuoy, GPS, and telemetry based using radio, satellite or GPRS.


MetOcean Databuoys - Directional Wave Buoys & Systems
Telemetry Systems - Ice Keel profilers
Water Column Profilers - Ocean pH Sensors
Imaging Flow Cytometers - Laser Particle sizers
Smart Hydrophones - PAM Buoys
Turbidity Systems - Mooring Recovery Systems
CTD systems - Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
Nitrate Sensors - Phosphate Sensors
Radiance & Irradiance Sensors - PAR Sensors
Induction-Relaxation Fluorometers - Miniature CTD – Tilt-Pitch & Roll Loggers
Chlorophyll-CDOM Fluorometers - Transmissometers
Dissolved CO2 sensors - Dissolved CH4 Sensors
Spectrophotometers - Absorption & Beam Attenuation Sensors
Water Quality Monitors - Push Corers
Active Radar Reflectors - Seabed Frames
Surface & Sub Surface Beacons - Ocean Mooring Swivels
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - ARGO & Biogeochemical Floats
Autonomous Surface Vehicles - Remotely Operated Vehicles
Radar Wave & Tide Sensors - Sediment Density systems

Planet Ocean Ltd is a partner in the NOC Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

Contact Information
Director / Head: 
Terry Sloane, Managing Director
Unit 16, Camberley Business Centre, Bracebridge, Camberley, GU15 3DP
Switchboard Number: 
+44 (0)845 108 1457

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