Outreach Support


Outreach Support

All Research Vessel Services' field staff have received media outreach training and are adept at promoting an expedition and its science objectives to the general public, educational establishments and the oceanographic community.

Each technician has been involved in telepresence narration, lectures, presentations, blog/social media delivery and the production of media deliverables including audio, stills photography and video.

Our team excels at using technology to produce unique and exciting deliverables. Over the last 10 years we have used quadcopters, observation ROV's, subsea camera packages and even a blimp alongside traditional outreach methods to promote science on global research vessels.

With our extensive experience of oceanographic operations Research Vessel Services' field staff are able to communicate science effectively to the target audiences and help you achieve the expeditions outreach objectives.

Our experience in supporting expedition outreach helps us understand the constraints associated with product delivery from a vessel, often in remote locations. We can work closely with the target vessel and determine the limitations of internet services, availability of vessel assets such as small boats and how to involve both crew and scientist to maximise delivery and impact.

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Leighton Rolley