Hosted Software & Bespoke Solutions


Many of our sensors can be provided with proprietary software developed by the manufacturer. In some instances the software is a highly capable data display and processing package, in other cases this is more of an engineering and configuration tool. RS Aqua, driven by demand for flexible and hosted / cloud-based software services, have worked with our partners to deliver various bespoke software packages. For instance:

    online / hosted software for real time display and analysis of Datawell waverider buoy directional wave statistics
    real time wave statistics from a Wave Radar REX (IP, radio, satellite or cellular telemetry) and a weather station, available securely on your smart phone or web browser
    real time tide, wave and sea level data from an RBR bottom pressure recorder (BPR), available online
    real-time, vessel motion compensated wave and draught data from Wave Radar REX installed on vessels that are underway, accessed on the locally on the ship’s bridge, or online
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