Hybrid AUV/ROV



The intelligent transformative robotic system.

The Sabertooth is a hybrid AUV/ROV capable of working in deep water either as an autonomous vehicle, or via a tether. Its power, tether-free operation and its 360° hovering manoeuvrability make the Sabertooth an ideal option for autonomous inspection or maintenance and repair tasks as well as offshore survey work.

The Sabertooth is available as a single hull or double hull vehicle capable of operating at depths of 1200m or up to 3000m for the double hull vehicle.

The double hull Sabertooth can be based at a remote location docking station ready to be launched on pre-programmed or man-controlled missions, including inspection, repair and maintenance, research tasks and environmental monitoring. Tooling packages can be stored at the docking station, batteries recharged and data transferred via satellite or cable to shore.

The vehicle can reside in the docking station for more than six months without maintenance, reducing the cost of surface vessels.

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