Remotely Operated Vehicles


All Seaeye ROVs have been developed from original specifications developed in cooperation with ROV companies working in the offshore oil and gas industry where Seaeye ROVs enjoy a market leading position, and with companies whose requirements require portable but equally capable systems.

In the ongoing development of these systems, account has also been taken of the requirements of military and paramilitary customers who require the benefits of 'commercial off-the-shelf' or 'COTS' systems for security, diver support, search, salvage, MCM and survey operations. In recent years, Seaeye has worked closely with various navy customers to develop work ROVs capable of intervening in support of distressed submarines.

Other customers use Seaeye ROVs for internal tunnel inspection, environmental work, scientific research and hydrographic applications. Others are used in the super yacht industry.

In the Seaeye range you should find a standard system suitable for almost any requirement. Or maybe there is something very close that can be modified and customised for your application.

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