Marine Growth Assessment


Marine biofouling is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on surfaces which are submerged or wetted by seawater. When this occurs on industrial marine installations, the size and mass of marine growth can have considerable implications for production, maintenance operations, repairs as well as other industry-specific costs. Significant production impacts have been recorded for the aquaculture, oil and gas and renewable energy industries. Transport costs to the shipping industry are also greatly increased.

Marine ecologists at SAMS Enterprise extensive knowledge of the marine environment in Scotland coupled with an in-depth understanding of marine biofouling species that can affect the engineering characteristics of underwater structures.

SAMS Enterprise provide data analysis and consultancy in the following areas:

>Survey methods for obtaining quantitative data
>ROV and diver survey video analysis
>Composition and percentage cover (faunal identification)
>Density and total added mass estimation
>Drag coefficient estimation
>Depth/ thickness profile of marine growth
>Predicting future fouling scenarios
>Support assessment and management of marine growth on offshore structures scheduled for decommissioning

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