Seaweed Farm


Seaweed is a greatly underestimated resource that provides food and shelter to marine life. It is also used as a food source for people - often referred to as a ‘superfood’ that is rich in iodine and calcium and contains natural antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. Seaweed is also an important source for future supply of food and feed (additives), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biomaterials and bioenergy.

Seaweed farming is a mature multi-billion dollar industry and some Asian countries produce tens of millions of tonnes a year. But although seaweed grows prolifically in Scottish waters, seaweed farming in the UK is only in its early stages as an emerging industry.

SAMS is conducting research that would support an industry to develop: identifying the most advantageous species to farm, developing cultivation and harvesting techniques, exploring how to identify and control seaweed pathogens and the policies needed to manage such an industry.

To do so, we have developed two experimental seaweed farms in the vicinity of SAMS.

Currently we focus on cultivation of Alaria esculenta, Saccharina latissima, Laminaria hyperborea, Palmaria palmata and Ulva.

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