Reservoir Characterization


Reservoir Characterization

Advance your understanding to optimize reservoir performance

Understanding your reservoir empowers you to better optimize its lifetime performance. Doing that requires the most accurate measurements available from multiple sources and disciplines to prepare a superior quantitative representation of the reservoir.

That’s where the people of Schlumberger come in.

We deliver characterization models incorporating all the characteristics of the reservoir that are pertinent to its ability to store and produce hydrocarbons, including petrophysics, geology, geomechanics, and geophysics. Combined with our tools and services that range from seismic services, surface and downhole logging, reservoir testing, and rock and fluid analysis, our interpretation analysis services enable a finer understanding of fluid behaviors within that reservoir under different sets of circumstances and help you discern optimal production techniques that maximize production.

It’s ultimately about getting the most from your reservoir, contributing to a steady supply of crucial raw materials that drive commerce and modern technology.