Research Areas provided by Scottish Association for Marine Science

Research Area Contact
Coastal processes and sea level
Estuarine dynamics and processes
Sedimentology, transport processes, marine turbulence
Environmental modelling and monitoring
Arctic observation, sea ice
Marine systems modelling
Water quality monitoring and harmful algal blooms
Marine biogeochemistry
Carbon cycling and carbon flux through ecosystems
Downward particle flux
Impact of pollutants in the marine environment
Interactions between biological communities and biogeochemical processes
Major nutrients
Ocean acidification, ocean acidification and biogeochemical cycles
Organic chemistry
Radioisotope proxies
Acoustics in marine mammals
Anti-fouling and marine protection
Behavioural ecology
Biodiversity and changes to ecosystem functionality
Biological oceanography
Coastal marine biology
Conservation ecology and resource management
Deep-sea macrofaunal community ecology
Ecosystems, ecosystem services, environmental change
Environment, ecotoxicology pollution, ecosystem health
Estuarine and coastal ecosystems
Export and particle flux
Fisheries – sustainable exploitation, management strategies
Human impact on marine ecosystems
Invasive species
Long term observatories
Marine food webs
Microalgal and cyanobacterial ecology and physiology
Microbial plankton
Nitrogen cycling
Nutrient biogeochemistry
Nutrient pollution
Ocean acidification - impact on ecosystems
Primary production, phytoplankton and CO2
Environmental geochemistry
Geology and geophysics
Sea floor and habitat mapping
Seabed mining, hydrocarbons, resource exploitation
Coastal ocean processes
Marine optics, earth observation, ocean colour
Ocean circulation and processes
Surface processes
Environmental science and policy
Fishing economies and businesses
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones.
Autonomous Lander and GNSS Wave Glider Vehicles
Carbon capture and storage
Coastal engineering
Energy and sustainability
Instruments and sensors
Marine biotechnology, biofuels
Marine electronics
Marine renewable energy
Novel sensors
Observing systems
Offshore platforms, including decommissioning
Sustainable use of marine bio-resources