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The Sustainable Fisheries (SFF) sub-committee is the forum within the SFF that deals with any science or environmental led issues. The committee oversees SFF work on a range of subjects including:

Scientific output is discussed at the committee. The annual science round which starts with the various stock assessments begins in May with output from these assessments arriving twice yearly around June and August.

Once digested by the committee, the scientific output gives some idea of the likely outcomes at the various end of year negotiations.

The SFF Environmental Policy Statement (please click here to view) sets out the Federation’s positions on a range of environmental matters.

The Sustainable Fisheries committee took this initiative as it was felt that such a document would help explain the Scottish industry’s sustainability and environmental credentials to a wider audience than just the industry itself.

The Sustainable Fisheries committee invites representation from Marine Scotland Policy and Marine Scotland Science to most of its meetings so that representatives from these organisations can keep the industry abreast of any issues relating to them. Committee members believe that having external attendance at the meetings adds value as they often bring extremely useful insight to many of the issues discussed.

The SFF’s wholly owned subsidiary, SFF Services, has run the Independent On-board Observer Scheme (IOOS) since 2008. Phase VI of IOOS commenced on 1 January 2017. It expands and develops the previous phases which were all supported by either the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) or European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and Scottish Government.

Phase VI is again supported by the European Fisheries and Maritime Fund and the Scottish Government.

Through managed deployment of a pool of seven observers, and a project co-ordinator/data analyst the project provides an evidence base to:

Support industry led initiatives such as gear trials relating to selective methods of fishing which help address potential problems relating to the Landings Obligation (for whitefish and Nephrops fisheries);

Maintain fishing opportunities afforded through the Scottish Conservation Credit Scheme by provision of detailed catch data from vessels participating in the various schemes being operated;

Provide direct fisheries catch information to support the effort derogation in the Clyde Nephrops trawl fisheries; and,

Provide greatly enhanced data for stock assessment by linking directly with the Marine Scotland Science observer programme as agreed by the Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (FMAC).

Fisheries policy officer, Kenny Coull, manages the scheme, with support from our project co-ordinator/data analyst, Elena Balestri.

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