Research Areas provided by Sea Mammal Research Unit

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Climate change impacts on the coastal zone
Coastal marine ecosystems
Continental shelf and coastal dynamics
Estuarine dynamics and processes
Glaciers and sea level change
Integrated coastal zone management
Sea level change and impacts for society
Sediment transport: physics and modelling
Sedimentology, transport processes, marine turbulence
Climate and environmental forcing
Coastal, shelf and open ocean mapping
Ecological modelling
Environmental impacts - oil spills, bioremediation, human impacts
Habitat mapping
Marine systems modelling
Marine water quality
Remote sensing
Spatial analyses and habitat mapping
Species distribution models
Statistical modelling
Survey and monitoring of the open ocean
Acoustics in marine mammals
Animal movement
Behavioural ecology
Benthic communities and natural and anthropogenic impacts
Biodiversity and changes to ecosystem functionality
Biological proxies of environmental change
Biophysical processes
Cetacean biology
Chemical pollutants; biomarkers; toxicology
Coastal marine biology
Conservation ecology and resource management
Conservation genetics
Disease in marine mammals
Diving physiology, ecology and behaviour
Ecology - conservation
Ecology - pelagic
Ecology - population and community
Ecology - Temporal and spatial behavioural ecology
Ecology – Behavioural, marine predators and grazers
Ecology – Marine Mammals
Ecology – Marine vertebrates
Ecosystems, ecosystem services, environmental change
Environment, ecotoxicology pollution, ecosystem health
Estuarine and coastal ecosystems
Evolutionary biology
Fish biology, behaviour, population dynamics, survey techniques
Human impact on marine ecosystems
Long term observatories
Marine conservation
Marine food webs
Marine mammal biology
Marine mammal genetics
Marine pollution, mercury within food webs, oil degradation
Marine predator search strategies
Marine vertebrates
Migratory behaviour, search strategies, foraging by marine vertebrates
Parasites and disease
Polar biology
Population biology
Population modelling
Predator-prey interactions and predator search strategies
Primary production, phytoplankton and CO2
Sustainable marine bioresources
Dynamics of ocean currents
Ice shelf-ocean interaction
Marine optics, earth observation, ocean colour
Mixing and turbulance in the ocean
Ocean circulation and processes
Ocean mixing and turbulence
Open ocean observatories
Polar Oceanography and mixing mechanisms
Surface processes
Conservation and environmental policy
Environmental science and policy
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones.
Instruments and sensors
Marine electronics
Marine renewable energy
Novel sensors
Observing systems
Offshore platforms, including decommissioning
Robotics, autonomous underwater vehicles
Sustainable marine engineering
Underwater acoustics
Sustainable use of marine bio-resources