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Aquatic food production has transformed from being primarily based on capture of wild fish to culture of over 500 farmed species globally. Given the strong likelihood that seafood landings will remain constant in capture fisheries, aquaculture will continue to bridge the gap between seafood supply and demand, whilst reducing pressure on wild fisheries.

In 2014 total world aquaculture production increased to 101 million tonnes, with a value of US$165.8 billion. A significant milestone was reached in 2014 when aquaculture's contribution to global fish supply for human consumption overtook that of wild-caught fish for the first time.

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food supply sector in the world, and for global fish availability to meet projected demand, it has been estimated that aquaculture production will need to more than double by mid-century.

To support UK industry we have the Domestic Aquaculture Strategy Programme through which we aim to identify viable, sustainable and effective opportunities to address key issues and constraints; helping to fulfil our high-level objectives to inform decisions through readily available data, enhance industry reputation, and promote seafood consumption.

We also provide market and regulation information, support organisations and groups who work with the sector, and have a small team of aquaculture experts on hand to answer specific enquiries. We also run the Seafish Domestic Aquaculture Advisory Committee and the Aquaculture Common Issues Group.


We have a small team of experts on hand to answer specific enquiries.

For help with domestic aquaculture strategy contact Lee Cocker.
For advice on training courses, qualifications and guidance contact Lee Cooper.
For help with advice on offshore training contact Kevin Franklin.
For help with fact sheets and industry guidance notes contact Karen Green.
For help with enquiries on finfish aquaculture in Scotland and shellfish cultivation contact Craig Burton.
For enquiries on regulation contact Mandy Pyke.

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