Industry support


Seafish offers practical advice and information for those working in the UK seafood industry.

Seafood Horizons

Through active horizon scanning, Seafish aims to support industry in 'being prepared' - improving the awareness of longer term issues and understanding of the implications / options for action.


There is no organisation better placed than Seafish to help the industry manage the impact of Brexit. We will use our independent, authority status to inform the coming transition by sharing the valued expertise from across the supply chain.

Funding and awards

The UK seafood industry offers many options of funding and support to those in the industry who want it.

Various schemes and networks are in place to make work in the seafood industry easier, and to reward those individuals who show commitment to high-quality and sustainable operations. There are two main forms of support offered:

Funding can be awarded to individuals and parties looking to conduct research or undergo training in the seafood industry. Funding is available from both Seafish and other organisations in the UK.

Awards and certification are offered in order to reward those businesses and individuals who show immense dedication and commitment to their work, and to sustainable sourcing in particular.


The UK seafood industry is regulated by a body of legislation designed to protect the consumer and the marine environment.

Legislation in the UK affects everyone involved in the production of seafood, and it is important that individuals involved in the industry are fully aware of the regulations that concern them.

Most legislation is applicable throughout the EU, and some is specific to the UK. Regardless of origin, all regulations in the UK are intended to protect the industry, ensure the safety of seafood, and keep standards high in every sector.

The Landing Obligation (The Discards Ban)

For demersal quota species, the landing obligation will come into force in phases from 1 January 2016.

Seafish has produced an easy-to-understand guide called The Landing Obligation Made Simple which outlines the changes.

With full implementation expected by 1 January 2019. The rules of the landing obligation are complex, and vary for each sea area, creating various challenges for its implementation, but also opportunities for those in the industry to shape the policy moving forward.

Seafish has gathered together a range of information, analyses and case studies, into a 'resource centre' that will help people in the UK fleet and onshore sector to navigate the different facets of the landing obligation.


Fishermen are at the very heart of the seafood industry. Seafish provide support, guidance and information about fishing activities to the sector.

The research that Seafish has conducted for the fishing sector has aided the development of new gear technologies, safer fishing protocols, and more sustainable fishing operations.

We also offer data and guidance in the form of economic information and Kingfisher bulletins, both of which are indispensable resources for operational fisheries and fishermen in the UK.

Additionally, we work to improve fishermen's safety by developing training courses and online resources, improving safety awareness within the industry, and ensuring that safety training is available throughout the UK.