With 71% of the Earth’s surface covered by water, the study of the world’s oceans is an important yet monumental task. SeeByte has developed a range of software solutions to help oceanographers explore the vast oceans all around us.

Oceanography covers a range of diverse areas of science and research, from the study of marine currents and waves to the study of marine organisms. Data gathered from across the many disciplines encompassed by oceanography is applied to many marine engineering practices. For example, the design and build of subsea structures such as oil pipelines relies on a thorough understanding of the ocean around them so that the structure can be built and operated safely.

To be able to make informed decisions, oceanographers need to be sure that they are gathering optimal data. This means that the way the systems and sensors used have a vast effect on the quality of the data gathered. SeeByte has developed a range of software solutions to enhance the capabilities of underwater systems and sensors, allowing oceanographers to gather the best quality data available.