Underwater Imaging

NOAS – Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar System

Reduces the risk of underwater collisions and groundings
Perfect for commercial, military, cruise and private vessels
Suitable for new-build or retro fit

Sentinel IDS Diver Detection Sonar System

Detects divers approaching your marine asset
Perfect for yachts, harbours and waterside facilities
Rapidly deployed for instant protection

Solstice – AUV Side Scan Sonar System

Suitable for low-logistic AUVs
Low power ensures long missions
Ultra-high resolution

SPRINT-Mapper – Underwater Mobile Scanning

Vendor independent; works with subsea LiDAR, laser and multi-beam mapping technologies
Built around low-risk, field proven navigation technologies with a global track record

SPRINT-Nav 300/500/700 – All-in-one subsea navigation

All-in-one subsea navigation instrument
INS, DVL, AHRS and Depth
Small form factor; easy to mount

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