Swale Technologies Ltd

Swale Oceanographic are dedicated to assisting our customers in monitoring and protecting the environment. We represent some of the world’s most long-established manufacturers with outstanding reputations in the market for functionality, engineering and reliability. In addition Swale has an in-house manufacturing capability for custom battery packs compatible with a wide range of instruments and equipment.

Swale Oceanographic has been supplying a range of quality instrumentation and equipment to customers throughout the UK and Europe for over 25 years. Our customers include environmental agencies, universities and research establishments as well as operators in the coastal engineering, defence, dredging, oil & gas, renewable energy and survey sectors.

With our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, the team at Swale are committed to supplying quality equipment to our customers. If you need advice or have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

•We have extensive experience and knowledge in the ocean science industry
•We are a small and flexible company, dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions to our clients
•We supply the highest quality, reliable product ranges to assist you with your day to day work
•Our team are happy to talk through your requirements and offer advice based on their knowledge of the industry


Contact Information
Director / Head: 
Phillip Gibbs
Swale Technologies Ltd, 6 Greenacres, Monument Park, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, OX44 7RW, United Kingdom
Switchboard Number: 
+44 (0)865 582265

Consultancy Services and Products

Accelerometers & Tilt Sensors Philip Gibbs
Acoustic Modems Philip Gibbs
Acoustic Noise Monitoring Philip Gibbs
Acoustic Releases Philip Gibbs
ADCP Philip Gibbs
Altimeter Philip Gibbs
Anti-fouling Philip Gibbs
Autonomous Floats Philip Gibbs
Autonomous Surface Vehicles Philip Gibbs
Batteries Philip Gibbs
Batteries Philip Gibbs
Cameras Philip Gibbs
Corrosion Monitoring Philip Gibbs
CTDs, Sensors & Data Loggers Philip Gibbs
Current & Wave Direction Philip Gibbs
Data buoys & Drifters Philip Gibbs
Data Controller & Telemetry Philip Gibbs
Deep Tow Vehicles Philip Gibbs
Direction & Range Philip Gibbs
Dissolved Gases pCO2/CH4 Philip Gibbs
Doppler Velocity Log Philip Gibbs
Ferry-Box & pCO2 online systems Philip Gibbs
Fishing Concentrator Philip Gibbs
Flow/Current Meters Philip Gibbs
Glass flotation & Instrument Housings Philip Gibbs
Grabs & Corers Philip Gibbs
Hydrophones Philip Gibbs
Inductive Modem Philip Gibbs
Inertial Navigation Philip Gibbs
Locator Transponders Philip Gibbs
Niskin Bottles Philip Gibbs
Oil spill/sheen analysis kits Philip Gibbs
pH Sensors Philip Gibbs
Pinger Locator Beacons Philip Gibbs
Plankton Nets Philip Gibbs
Plastic, Steel & Syntactic Floats Philip Gibbs
Pop-up Buoy Philip Gibbs
Products - Batteries Philip Gibbs
Products - Measuring Philip Gibbs
Products - Sampling Philip Gibbs
Remotely Operated Vehicles Philip Gibbs
Scour & Sedimentology Philip Gibbs
Side Scan Sonar Philip Gibbs
Strain Gauge loggers Philip Gibbs
Sub-Bottom Profiler Philip Gibbs
Surface & Vehicle Receivers Philip Gibbs
Syringe & Sterile bag samplers Philip Gibbs
Tide & Wave Recorders Philip Gibbs
Trawl Resistance Mounts & Frames Philip Gibbs
Undulating Towed Vehicle Philip Gibbs
Winches (Electic & Manual) Philip Gibbs
XBT/BTS Bathythermograph Philip Gibbs