Marine Propellers


Teignbridge Propellers design and manufacture their propellers entirely “in house” in our purpose designed 6000 sq. m factory. This means that we can have complete control over quality, and this, together with our design ability, is why the company has the reputation for high quality, high strength, and high performance products.

The whole process from initial design, application design, pattern/mould making, precision casting, machining, precision finishing, and inspection, is carried out in our factory under carefully controlled conditions.

Teignbridge Propellers offer their customers:

  • 40 years of design and manufacturing experience with thousands of applications world-wide
  • A high efficiency propeller design that has not been out performed
  • An accurate application sizing and design service
  • Propellers for all types of vessels: Power boats, patrol boats, tugs, ferries, support and supply vessels
  • Propellers up to 2.5m in diameter and 2tons in weight
  • The most comprehensive range of standard propellers in the world
  • Custom designed propellers to suit the vessel
  • A rapid mould/pattern-making facility
  • Customer designed propellers for other propeller companies
  • Replacement OEM propellers
  • Very latest technology & materials

Teignbridge propellers give:

  • Optimum vessel performance
  • Reduced noise
  • Smooth Vibration free performance
  • Better fuel economy
  • Long service life

Selecting & sizing your propeller

Teignbridge’s design engineers have an excellent reputation for accurately sizing propellers to suit the required application.

By using a combination of specialist computer software and the wealth of experience the Company has gained over the past 40 years, Teignbridge have the expertise to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision to achieve the optimum performance for your vessel.

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