Acoustic Locators


Teledyne Benthos provides a complete line of proven underwater locator products. Whether your requirements include search and recovery or underwater navigation and tracking, Teledyne Benthos has a solution to suit your needs. Our innovative locator devices fall into two general categories; pingers and transponders. To locate and recover pingers, a diver with a handheld device (DPL) is dispatched to “listen” for, and home-in on the device. Shipboard listening devices are available as well. Transponders, like pingers, are attached to a mooring or other underwater item to be retrieved or located in the future. Unlike a pinger, a transponder remains idle until it is “interrogated” by either a diver with a handheld device or by a shipboard unit. When the transponder is interrogated it transmits range and bearing data. The diver or shipboard unit simply follows (ranges) the signal emitted by the transponder to locate it. For all pinger and transponder products and applications please contact Teledyne Benthos or the agent in your area.

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