Teledyne Marine Imaging provides subsea imaging solutions and in particular acoustic imaging solutions such as advanced multibeam echosounder and sonar solutions servicing a variety of markets and applications. Also part of the Imaging group are vision imaging solutions in the form of subsea and marine cameras, LED lighting and underwater strobes for a wealth of offshore, research, nuclear and defense applications.

Singlebeam echosounders and entry level multibeam bathymetric systems are manufactured by Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, high resolution multibeam echosounder systems and long range forward looking sonar as well as high-end deep water multibeam systems are manufactured by Teledyne RESON, and Hydrographic and 2D forward looking sonar and 3D multibeam scanning sonar are manufactured by Teledyne BlueView. Compact Underwater, Explosion Proof, High Definition, Leak Detection, Low Light Underwater and Underwater Colour Zoom cameras are designed and manufactured by Teledyne Bowtech, as are the Underwater and Nuclear LED lighting products.

​​Teledyne PDS is a multipurpose software platform supporting tasks within hydrography, dredge guidance, construction support, search &​ recovery operations and port entrance monitoring. The suite is developed to solve challenges arising from each specific task in the main application areas. It interfaces with survey instruments such as LIDAR, multibeam and singlebeam echosounders and can be used for interfacing to a variety of periphery sensors, including dredge and construction sensors.​​​

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