Environmental Analytical Suite

Equipment Type: Environmental Analytical Suite

The school has state-of-the-art facilities for extraction/digestion and analysis of a wide range of analytes.

We have microwave digestion, traditional digestion blocks, Kjeldhal and Soxhlet capabilities. For analysis in-house we have ICP-MS and NP-OES for routine elemental work and have capabilities for coupled LC-ICP-MS. For more complex matrices we have FAAS and HG-AAS. Ionic analysis is performed either by ion chromatography (Dionex) or FIA.

We also have MS capabilities for a range of stable isotopes further supported by state-of-the-art Picarro systems, some of which are field deployable. There is also automated C:N:S analysis. GC-FID / ECD is used for gas analysis while we have TOC analysis for carbon quantification in water and aqueous extracts. HPLC is available in house but we have access to LC-MS and higher resolution GC-MS within the university.

We are part owners and make use of an ACEMAC Nano Scale Electron Microscope and MicroCT facilities.

Available for use/hire by external contacts