3D seismic laboratory

Equipment Type: Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art seismic interpretation and visualisation facility supports research into diverse aspects of sedimentary basins, with emphasis on continental margins.

We apply 3D seismic technology to the analysis of depositional and deformational processes, focused around the following research themes:

Fluid flow in the lithosphere, with emphasis on 'conventional' hydrocarbons, gas hydrates, geothermal energy, and other energy sources.
Fault mechanics, salt tectonics and their relationship to subsurface fluid flow.
Tectonic-stratigraphy of sedimentary basins, with emphasis on rift basins evolution and on the syn-rift to post-rift transitions on continental margins.
Mass-wasting processes on continental margins and their end-products, in close collaboration with the IODP-Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.
Environmental impacts of hydrocarbon exploration and production, CO2 capture, oil spill modelling and mitigation.
Megablocks on continental margins and their geological significance.

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Tiago Alves
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