High-resolution ICP-MS laboratory

Equipment Type: Laboratory

The high-resolution ICP-MS laboratory is optimized for the analysis of trace metal elements in carbonate (e.g. foraminifera, molluscs) and sea water samples, but it can address applications from a wide range of disciplines.

The laboratory is equipped with a Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT XR™ HR-ICP-MS in combination with an Elemental Scientific SC-E2 Autosampler. The Element XR Element XR is a double focusing mass analyser (magnetic sector and electrostatic sector) which benefits from high resolution, a large dynamic range and precise analysis at low concentrations (ppt-ppq).

There are three clean rooms for the preparation of the samples and standards to be analysed on the Element XR. These have fume cupboards, ELGA ultra-pure water systems delivering Type I water (up to 18.2 MΩ·cm) and laminar flow workstations fitted with HEPA and PTFE ULPA filters.

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Anabel Morte-Ródenas
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