Multi-purpose laboratory

Equipment Type: Laboratory

Our main geochemical preparation laboratory is equipped with three fume hoods and space for both geochemical experimentation and preparation of rock, sediment and water samples for chemical analysis. A Milli-Q Academic pure water system produces 18.2MΩ water for analytical and experimental geochemistry.

The laboratory also houses specialist equipment for studies of anoxic chemistry and geochemical kinetics, including an MBraun anoxic chamber and two voltammetric analysers which utilize both solid state and mercury drop electrodes for high sensitivity analysis and speciation studies. A geomicrobiological annex is adjacent to the main laboratory and is equipped with a class II microbiological safety cabinet, an autoclave and two incubators.

To service analytical requirements, the laboratory houses a FluxyTM system for automated preparation of solid samples by lithium metaborate fusion and acid dissolution. Space and equipment is available in the laboratory for preparation and analysis of samples.

We have a small equipment room which contains one four-figure and two five-figure analytical balances for precise and accurate weighing of samples for analysis. In addition the room houses a Perkin Elmer Lambda2 UV-vis spectrometer for colourimetric analysis as well as chromatography systems.

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Xiaohong Tang
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