Research laboratories

Equipment Type: Laboratory

These laboratories are fully equipped with the needs of a modern laboratory and are complemented with state of the art cold rooms and numerous temperature and light controlled incubators, enabling rearing of model and non-model organisms for study. In addition to these laboratories:

Controlled environment rooms: 13 large programmable environment rooms (including eight in the ESI) with variable temperature and light regimes and shelving for insect rearing and plant growth applications

Greenhouses: two large fully programmable greenhouses with automated blinds and lighting systems and full racking for plant and insect rearing

Aviary: this Home Office approved facility is for breeding and observational studies of small birds. The outdoor facilities include versatile accommodation with screeded and drained floors and part-covered roofs. The indoor facility has full temperature and light control, including simulated dusk and dawn cycles to provide state-of-the-art housing for captive birds

Available for use/hire by external contacts