Aquatic Resources Centre

Equipment Type: Aquarium

The Aquatic Resources Centre (ARC), is a world-class teaching and research facility containing multiple aquarium rooms that house as many as 20-30 species of aquatic organisms (both marine and freshwater) at any one time. Each particular species lending itself as a suitable research tool to investigate and improve our understanding of basic biological systems, how chemicals entering the environment affect aquatic organisms, monitoring current and predicting future global impacts of ocean acidification and climate change, and measuring aspects of human health.

The facility is supported by seven preparation and laboratory rooms with specialist microscopes, video and imaging equipment, together with automated respirometry and gas control systems that allow for sophisticated developmental, physiological and behavioural research.

A large computer controlled water treatment plant allows us to produce high quality water of any desired salinity and temperatures from 10 to 28 °C.

Available for use/hire by external contacts