Research Areas provided by University of Exeter - Exeter Marine

Research Area Contact
Sediment transport: physics and modelling Rolf Aalto
Arctic observation, sea ice Jo Browse
Climate modelling, variability and change Stephan Harrison, Mat Collins, Katy Sheen
Ecological modelling Tim Lenton
Ocean acidification and carbon feedbacks Ceri Lewis
Remote sensing Jamie Shutler
Biogeochemistry Paul Halloran
Aquaculture Dave Hodson
Conservation ecology and resource management Annette Broderick
Coral reef ecology, coral bleaching Chris Perry
Ecology - conservation Matthew Witt
Ecology - fish conservation Alex Haywood
Ecology - seabirds Stuart Bearhop, Stephen Votier
Ecosystems, ecosystem services, environmental change Dan Charman
Ecotoxicology Michael Depledge, Wiebke Schmidt, Tamara Galloway
Evolutionary biology Michael Cant, Darren Croft, Martin Stevens, Alastair Wilson
Fisheries – sustainable exploitation, management strategies Steve Simpson, Richard Ffrench-Constant
Human impact on marine ecosystems Neil Adger, Katrina Brown, Regan Early
Marine conservation Nicholas Hill, Heathe Koldeway
Marine invertebrates Jamie Stevens
Marine pollution, mercury within food webs, oil degradation Tamara Galloway, Charles Tyler
Microbiology William Gaze, Chris Lowe, Nick Smirnoff, David Studholme, Richard Titball, Michiel Vos
Plastic pollution Tamara Galloway, Ceri Lewis
Conservation and environmental policy Louisa Evans
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones. Dave Hodgson
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones. Karyn Morrissey
Marine renewable energy Lars Johanning, Peter Connor, Helen Smith
Climate change - impact on fisheries Steve Simpson
Bioacoustics Steve Simpson
Man-made noise and impact on the marine environment Steve Simpson
Environmental bioinformatics Ben Temperton
Human Health and Wellbeing Tomas Chaigneau, Lewis Elliott, Lora Flemming, James Grellier, Nick Groom, Matthew White
Conservation - marine vertebrates Andrew Griffiths
Climate change and migration Lucy Hawkes
Mariculture Dave Hodgson
Marine embryology Tetsu Kudoh
Climate change and coastal communities Catherine Leyshon
Marine renewables and ecological impact Illya Maclean
Economy and the marine environment Tim Taylor
Marine resource management Rachel Turner
Parasitology Mark van der Giezen
Climate change biology Frank Van Veen, Rod Wilson
Environment and human health Benedict Wheeler