Quaternary Environmental Change Laboratory

Equipment Type: Laboratory

Environmental Change research objectives at Liverpool are serviced by a range of facilities and analytical equipment in the Roxby and adjacent facilities. These provide access to a wide range of analytical, sampling and survey techniques across the fields of environmental change and earth surface process research outlined below. The facilities and allied expertise provide a welcoming environment for Fellows, visiting scientists and collaborators. Industrial partners with commercial applications are encouraged to contact us.

Sediment sampling and topography survey
Supporting extensive equipment and expertise for high resolution site investigations and topographical survey; sampling sediments and soil sequences including open water lake survey and sediment sampling.

Optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL)
In a purpose designed facility research focuses on understanding the luminescence properties of quartz and feldspars, improving estimation of dose rates, testing OSL for fluvial, glacial and coastal sediments, and applying OSL to a wide range of environments.

Environmental Material Characterisation
Specialising in the non-destructive analysis of soils, sediments and rocks samples including for environmental chemistry (µXRF scanning, ED-XRF and AAS), particle size and shape analysis, environmental magnetism, organic content and composition (FTIR and TGA/DSC) and mineralology (FTIR, UV/VIS DRS).

Quaternary Palaeoecology
Specialising in and with facilities for the preparation and analysis of pollen, dinoflagellate cyst, diatom, testate amoebae, foraminifera and plant macrofossil records, including the analysis of charred particles (charcoal analysis).

Hydraulics and Erosion Processes
Hydraulics and erosion processes: newly refurbished facility specialising in the study of flow and erosion processes in fluvial, estuarine, coastal and hillslope environments containing a wave flume, wave-current recirculation flume, shallow overland flow flume, a rainfall simulator (for field use), and image and acoustic-based equipment for flow and sediment transport analysis in the field and laboratory.

Available for use/hire by external contacts