Research Areas provided by University of Liverpool - School of Environmental Sciences

Research Area Contact
Coastal processes and sea level Andy Plater
Glaciers and sea level change Doug Mair, Richard Chiverrell, James Lea
Biogeochemistry Claire Mahaffey
Organic chemistry Rachel Jeffreys, George Wolff
Trace elements and their isotopes, trace metal cycling Alessandro Tagliabue
Ecology - seabirds Jonathon Green, Samantha Patrick
Ocean circulation and processes Ric Williams, Vassil Roussenov
Sea level and ocean climate Chris Hughes
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones. Leonie Robinson, Stephen Jay, Sue Kidd
Shelf and coastal processes and impacts Jonathon Sharples
Aquatic analytics chemistry Pascal Salaun
Community ecology and climate change Matthew Spencer, Nova Mieszkowska