Research Areas provided by University of Oxford - Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics

Research Area Contact
Air-sea exchange Laure Zanna
Arctic observation, sea ice Helen Johnson
Climate modelling, variability and change Laure Zanna
Global modelling David Marshall
High performance computing David Marshall
Ice sheet modelling Andrew Wells
Ice-climate interactions Andrew Wells
Ocean-atmosphere coupling Laure Zanna
Process based modelling of the ocean and bio-geochemical processes David Marshall
Rapid climate change associated with the AMOC David Marshall
Role of salinity in climate variability Helen Johnson
Sea ice dynamics and modelling Andrew Wells
Sea surface temperature modelling Laure Zanna
Surface Ocean/Lower Atmosphere interactions Laure Zanna
Palaeoclimate, Palaeoclimatology and rapid climatic events
Air-sea gas exchange, atmospheric inputs to the marine environment Laure Zanna
Climate physics Laure Zanna
Dynamics of ocean currents David Marshall
El NiƱo physical processes Laure Zanna
Frazil and sea ice dynamics, thermodynamics Andrew Wells
Ice shelf-ocean interaction Andrew Wells
Ice-shelf physics Andrew Wells
Marine ice formation Andrew Wells
Mixing and turbulance in the ocean David Marshall
Ocean circulation and processes David Marshall
Ocean-atmosphere interaction Laure Zanna
Oceanic and atmospheric waves David Marshall
Open ocean observatories Helen Johnson
Physics of sea level change Laure Zanna
Sea level and ocean climate Laure Zanna
Surface processes David Marshall
Thermodynamics and energetics of the atmosphere and oceans David Marshall
Turbulent mixing in stratified fluids David Marshall