Stable Isotope Analysis

Equipment Type: Stable isotope facility

The Stable Isotope laboratory is equipped with two isotope ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS), a Thermo Delta V Advantage and a VG Prism.

Coupled to these instruments are the following ancillary devices: i) A Kiel IV carbonate preparation device, ii) a Gasbench II & CTC Analytics auto-sampler for preparing carbonate and solution samples, iii) an autocarb carbonate preparation system for the VG Prism, iv) gas manifolds for gas sample measurements.

We have a carbonate roasting device and an offline gas purification line for working with less conventional samples.

We measure an abundance of marine and terrestrial carbonates (e.g. speleothems), freshwaters and seawater for d13C, d 18O, dD (waters), with additional capability for dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), gas samples (e.g. atmospheric CO2, respired CO2), pore solutions.

Our instruments cater for a wide range of sample masses (from ~ 20 to 100’s ug) depending on sample availability and homogeneity. Solution measurements are made on 0.5 mL solution (or less, where necessary). In addition to conventional geological measurements we undertake specific projects (e.g. measuring chemical reaction rates with enriched isotopic solutions).

All measurement runs are tailored to user requirements and are assessed for precision and accuracy using internationally recognised standards.

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Chris Day
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