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The Ocean Group is part of the Department of Meteorology of the University of Reading and is made up of all members engaged in ocean-related research. The aim of the group is to enhance the understanding of the dynamics and thermodynamics of oceanic phenomena and processes and how they are represented in numerical ocean climate models. This aim is pursued using a combination of theory, diagnostics of observations and the design, execution and diagnosis of experiments using a range of numerical models.

Oceans affects Earth’s climate by storing and transporting large amounts of heat and carbon. The ocean group uses theory, numerical models and observations to understand the physical processes controlling these phenomena, such as mixing, meridional overturning circulation, anthropogenic heat uptake, sea level change, deep water formation and Southern ocean processes.

The Polar Research Group brings together a broad range of expertise with the aim of understanding, observing and predicting processes in polar oceans, atmosphere, land ice and sea ice. Polar regions are undergoing changes that have implications for trade, wildlife, society and oil exploration and serve as a sensitive indicator of climate change.

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Professor Suzanne Gray
Department of Meteorology University of Reading Whiteknights campus Earley Gate PO Box 243 Reading RG6 6BB, UK
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+44 (0)118 378 8950